Why Is AI Marketing Powerful And Its 4 Applications

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The official definition of AI could be ‘the intelligence demonstrated by machines.’ It’s a discipline of making machines behave like humans. As businesses value more and more on automation and personalisation, AI has gradually become a vital role across industries. It allows the business to make better marketing decisions and enhance efficiency.

For marketers, AI is a tool to craft more personalised messages, generate more leads, and understand user behaviours better.

What does AI marketing involve?


Data refers to facts and statistics collected for analysis. For marketers, it’s collected through customers’ interaction with the brand.

Machine Learning:

A process where machines make sense of the data provided. Based on the trends and incidences recorded on the data, machines can predict insights, helping marketers make data-driven decisions.

The applications of AI/machine learning in marketing

  1. Choosing the best ads

As marketers, we all heard about A/B testing for ads. It is a method of comparing two ads against each other to decide which one performs better. Businesses gather data and decide which ad is the final version after all versions are shown to a certain audience.

However, through machine learning, machines can differentiate the top-performing ads even when all ads are in the testing stage. It will recognise the best version and keep showing it to the audience to minimise cost and maximise revenue.

2. Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a classic example of machine learning. It could understand sentiments or opinions on a given subject, and this is what brands can take advantage of if they want to establish trust and connection with customers.

For example, you are about to launch an email marketing campaign; however, you are not sure what to put on the subject title to have a better open rate. From previous data, it’s shown that certain words or even emojis will evoke the emotion of curiosity, and you decide to incorporate these words into your copywriting. In marketing, leveraging sentiment analysis can help boost marketing messages and deliver better brand performance.

3. Customer Support optimisation

More and more companies have started using AI-powered chatbots. According to Wiki, A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via textual methods. It allows companies to interact with customers 24/7, and it can always answer prospects’ questions. This conversational marketing technique could generate engagement, and most importantly, qualified leads.

4. Recommendation

According to Roger Chua, a recommendation engine is a system that suggests relevant products and services based on users’ previous behaviours. For marketers, AI Recommendation can be used as a part of re-targeting strategy.

By recommending relevant content to users who don’t purchase during the first time, you have the chance to increase your sales up to 30% on average. Another famous example is Netflix. By recommending relevant content to the recurring users, Netflix keeps the subscription cancellation rate low. Also, according to Netflix’s report, 80% of content discovery happens through recommendation!

‍With the increased ability that machines process, AI in marketing will only get more popular. AI serves a core in increasing business value, and it really depends on how companies leverage it.




Tech, Marketing & Product management 🔨

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Calvin Sung

Calvin Sung

Tech, Marketing & Product management 🔨

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